Outfits Jun 11, 2013

Summer Nautical Skort

Skort – Zara | Shirt – Forever21 | Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe | Shoes – Converse

I’m bringing skort-y back. I purchased this skort at Zara a couple weeks ago before leaving San Diego and since have worn it almost every week. I am absolutely in love with the versatility it offers, most of the time when I am out running errands I will wear it with a loose T and some flips flops or flats… but on days that I feel like dressing it up I pair it with wedges. The weather in the Bay Area has been blistering hot which I am not used to AT ALL. Since majority of my clothes are still in boxes from the move I have minimal choices (good thing I have sisters), but I made sure that this skort didn’t get lost during the move home. For an afternoon full of errands around town I decided to throw my hair up in a sock bun (due to the heat) and throw on a light weight nautical striped shirt. I reached for my converse when running out the door they were easy to slip on and completed my effortless sporty look.

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  1. I have seen those zara skorts a lot lately on blogs. I love how everyone adds their different style. I really like how you style them.