Outfits Jun 19, 2013

(Tropical) Airport Style

Monday my family and I left (at 5:00 am) for Hawaii. I haven’t quite mastered the art of packing (my suitcase weighed 48.7 lbs) but having two sisters and a mom who are all fashionable really helps, it’s as if I am packing three additional suit cases when traveling with my family. Airport style is very different when traveling to different locations, I wouldn’t be caught dead traveling to New York in the middle of February in shorts and a tank because obviously I would freeze the second I step off the plane. BUT I will say that no matter where I travel I always make sure that my carry-on is packed appropriately (see post here). Traveling to the airport Monday morning I decide to throw on a pair of festive light weight Hawaiian print shorts… a tank and a panama hat to avoid it getting crushed in my ever-so packed suitcase. I made sure that I had a jacket and a pair of socks for the plane ride.

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  1. Hey, I follow your blog pretty regularly and I enjoy the stuff you post, but I have a couple questions! First off, while I’d really like to be able to afford some of the stuff you write about, as a recent college grad currently looking for employment, some of the things you write about aren’t affordable for me. I was wondering if you might be able to do a post on dressing professionally on a budget, I think it would be really helpful for me and for other young people that follow you! Secondly, this is the second time in a row you’ve written about your fashionable siblings and mom – you should include them in the next post! And lastly, how do you keep your hair so healthy looking when it’s so long? I recently donated 16 inches and went for a pixie cut and I want to do it again, but it took me a really long time to grow it to that length because I had to keep trimming off dead ends. Any tips for keeping my hair healthy while I grow it out?

    Thanks for reading this long comment and thanks for sharing your blog!