Outfits Jul 11, 2013

Cookie Butter Krispies

So my Grandma has a bit of an obsession with cookie butter… she religiously has it for dessert on six ginger snaps every night! After months of her bragging about how great this spread is I decided that I should probably go out and buy my own to try. When I was still living in San Diego I ventured to Trader Joe’s one day to grab a jar, when I got home I cracked it open and had a big spoonful of it. Luckily, I loved it (and so did my roommates) so it didn’t go to waste. Last week I was helping my Grandma un-load groceries from Trader Joe’s and she gave me the idea to try cookie butter in my famous Rice Krispy treats… so yesterday I decided to take a stab at it and this is how they turned out (delicious!). I made up my own recipe just because I hate measuring but a friend tried this one and said it was great.




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