Outfits Jul 17, 2013

Moto Tone

Jeans – Nordstroms | Vest – c/o  SheInside (buy here) | Tank – Forever21 | Bag – Forever21 | Shoes – Boohoo (buy here) | Sunglasses – RayBan | Essie Polish –

My photography teacher used to cringe when I would repeat that white is my favorite color. He used to say white isn’t a color it is a tone… so then I would say white is my favorite tone just to make him happy. But we aren’t in photography class right now, soooo I am just going to put this out there, white is my favorite color.  I love white walls, I love white shirts, I love white wrapping paper the list goes on and on. Majority of my closet lacks color and is broken up into two sections white and black. As much as I love bright bold colors especially for summer sometimes a neutral outfit works for a minimal effort timeless look. I received this SheInside vest a couple days ago and am obsessed. I have worn it over summer dress and paired it with a high waisted skirt. It is simple and classy with just the right amount of edge.

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