Finally Friday Aug 09, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Christmas came late this year – finally decided on a drive for Kapture }

Hump treated me rather rough this week. It first started out with spilling my coffee not only once but three times in 30 minutes, then my sisters decided to sleep through the doorbell the FedEx man had been ringing for 5 minutes…  they found out the hard way that it was a package I had been waiting for, for weeks. So when I went to FedEx to pick up my package my truck of course was running late. To kill some time I went over to Target to pick up a few beauty essentials. As I was leaving the store and putting away my credit card my entire change section of my wallet decided to scatter all over the ground. I think it’s safe to say that Wednesday was rough. Well, thank goodness it isn’t Wednesday anymore. Today is Finally Friday. This weekend I will be attending the OutsideLands Festival in San Francisco. After a long week of work and cleaning, I am excited to get away and take a breather in the city. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend… maybe I’ll see you in the city?

{ My new desk candle that smells amazing }

{ OutsideLands Essentials: Cross Body + Poncho + Hat }

{ One of my favorite quotes finally  has a frame }

{ The best gift is a well wrapped gift. A Surprise package for a friend in San Diego }

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