Finally Friday Aug 23, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Fresh Hydrangeas from the garden }

Some weeks are more productive than others … this week was a productive week. While I am still trying to figure life out after graduation (it aint easy), I decided that it was important to have a routine like people with 9-5 jobs. Luckily, I am not a late sleeper … I enjoy my morning time where it is quiet and I can enjoy my cup of coffee while reading my favorite blogs or replying to emails. Establishing a routine has really helped me to be productive throughout the day. I tried this new Top Five rule that I will share with you soon… it actually works. Well, at least for me it does. Today, I drop my Grandma at the airport and Tuesday I drop my sister. Both of ’em will be traveling in Europe… my sister for four months and my grandma for three weeks. Either way I am insanely jealous of the both of them and their jet-setting ways. I desperately tried to go with them but decided to ditch Europe for another year in New York for Fashion Week (priorities …. right?).  I have been slowly working on my room so that I can share photos with you sometime soon. Next week, I can’t wait to share a few collaborations that I have been working on with Dermalogica and StyleCaster… one even includes a sweet giveaway, and I mean sweet! Here are a few things that helped keep my mind off of not being able to fit in a suitcase to go with them to Europe!

{ Adorable Thank You Cards I have added to my card collection }

{ Replaced my bedside table with a rustic ladder }


{ Goodies that sit on my desk + A precious little book my grandma picked up for me before she leaves }


{ She likes to be my model to measure light during the day }



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