Finally Friday Aug 30, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Prepping for Fashion Week with a few of my September Issues }

Tuesday morning I dropped my sister off at the airport to study abroad in Spain for the next four months! I will say that not having both my Grandma and my sister home feels a little bit weird. But, I enjoyed the quiet time and decided to get myself organized for New York so that I am not scrambling last minute. This weekend will be filled with tons and tons of football! Tonight my brother has his first game of the season at De La Salle and tomorrow I will be venturing to Cal to watch their home game. Football season has finally commenced and I’m not complaining. Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

{ Homemade zucchini bread }

{ Came across this article and loved ever little bit of it }

{ Decided to give myself a mid-week coconut oil hair treatment }


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