Beauty Aug 28, 2013

Let’s Talk Lips

At first, the thought of a big bright and bold color on my lips terrified me. I would try it at home with hopes to work it out in public but would eventually just end up rubbing (and I mean RUBBING) it off five seconds before running out the door. My mom is a total gloss girl—she has a million types in all different colors. She always told me that all you need is a little tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick and you’re good to go for the day.

I followed the first two tips for the past 10 years and just started to realize the importance of working a color on your lips. While I’m not a huge fan of gloss like my mom, I’ve recently adopted a love for lipstick. Not only do your lips complete your overall look, it’s effortlessly sexy. I slowly made the transition to bold lips after a few short weeks of getting used to subtle color on my lips. At first I would just wear a colored Chapstick while running errands around town, I then transitioned to lighter shades of lipstick (soft pinks and corals), after I felt comfortable… I moved to the bright and the bold! You know the colors that say “Check me out!” In the beginning, I wasn’t quite ready to apply it on my bare lips so, to tone it down, I would first put on some Aquaphor or Vaseline to help avoid the bright bright color. Once I felt comfortable enough I applied the lipstick straight to my pout. It made a  huge difference, but now I love wearing lipstick. It’s such a quick, easy, and hassle-free accessory.

Of course, working bold lipstick can come with some challenges. Here’s how to tackle them:

Kissing it off: First off, you paid money for that little stick of color…. so let’s not give any away. Besides I’m sure your man isn’t trying to start a new trend either. I mean, my brother wears a little tinted moisturizer every now and then but even he wouldn’t sport a bold lip. Try purchasing a stain. It will stay on longer and is smudge- and kiss-proof. Not a fan of stain? Blot your lips just before you lock lips and avoid the gloss.

Getting it on your teeth: This is the worst. Avoid this problem by taking a Q-tip and wiping the inner part of your lips. Don’t have one? Your finger can do the trick just as well.

Smudging: The easiest way to avoid smudging when you’re wearing an uber bold color is to powder your lips, then line them with a primer and liner before applying lipstick. This helps the color to stay where it’s meant to be.

Looking like you’re trying too hard: Bold lips are gorgeous and you should own them! That said, if you’re feeling self-conscious about them, start slow. Try a subtle color like a soft pink or try my trick with putting on a little lip balm before applying the bold color. It will tone down the effect while still adding just the right amount of color. Then, upgrade to a bolder shade or ditch the balm!

Don’t forget: You should prep your lips before you apply lipstick. I’ve found this three-step method is the best way to make sure your lipstick stays on:


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