Beauty Apr 17, 2017

Juvenex Spa – Full Body Scrub

juvenex spa

I was recently told that a full body scrub was a necessity at the end of a season. I recently had my first facial a few weeks ago and noticed a huge difference in my skin (now I am hooked). So, I figured I would go ahead and give the body scrub a shot, can’t dog it until you try it — right?

Well, shit. I wish I never tried it and not because it was awful or a waste of time and money, but because I am fully addicted and wish I could get a full body scrub every month. I went into this random spa in the middle of Korea town with no expectations. I left obsessed and addicted. It is safe to say that every one I know is now fully briefed on the spa on 31st and their services.

You first walk into this kinda grungy looking building, but living in NY you quickly learn never judge a book building by it’s cover  the smelly trash or homeless sleeping in front of it. You take the elevator up to the 5th floor (hoping the elevator will make it to the 5th floor), step onto the 5th floor and enter the serene hidden gem. First thought, how could such a calming place exist in the middle of a chaotic city. My nightly lullaby is sirens, taxi horns or angry neighbors yelling “shut the fuck up” to the poor construction men working the night shift.

After you put your robe on, you soak in a lemon bath for 15 minutes, following the lemon bath you steam for another 15 minutes before you get the scrub-down of a lifetime.

Now, I must say this scrub isn’t relaxing or pleasurable — that’s why you tack on the 30 minute massage at the end! It feels like someone is rubbing your body down with sand paper, but then they splash you with warm water and it is the makes everything better again. This goes on for about …. AN HOUR!!!!!! She keeps scrubbing and scrubbing and you keep thinking there is not a chance in hell I have more dead skin for her to scrub off and if she continues scrubby she might reach the bone, but yet somehow there is. You would be amazed at the amount of dead skin on your body that is dying to fall of (literally). You finish the scrub with a cooling cucumber mask while she washes your hair and gives you a head massage. After the scrub is complete, she brings you to the sauna. Mid-scrub I thought to myself “eh, you tried it, but I don’t know if I would do this again”. It wasn’t until I sat in the sauna stroking my brand new soft skin I thought, “how often can you afford to do this?”.


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