Outfits Sep 05, 2013

Fashion Week Must Haves

Today I jet off to New York for my third Fashion Week! This trip to NYFW will be much different since I don’t have to worry about missing classes and catching up on homework in between shows! Packing has never been easy for me but here are a few things I always have with me during the craziness at NYFW.

Bag – Having a bag that fits all of your goodies and essentials while still being stylish is extremely important. As much as I love a cute clutch I have always been more of a bag girl. It allows me to always have everything I need especially when running around town.

Mints- My sister told me that gum gives you gas bubbles …. and since she is pre-med I listened to her (whether she may be right or not?) who wants to have a horrible stomach ache during (possibly) the best week of the year.
Sunglasses – The Darker, The Bigger, The Better.
Spark – I love this stuff. Not only does is give me mental focus but it re-energizes me in the middle of the day when I am starting to doze off.
Erase Paste – Long night? Erase Paste is the best concealer for dark circles under your eyes. Which means that it is a must for NYFW.
Garneir Makeup Remover Wipes – The best, fastest and easiest way to remove your makeup after a long day.
Rechargeable case – This is always on my must have list, because I use mine every day. This comes in handy when you are on the subway heading to an event and have 10% battery left with no outlets around.
Plum Lipstick – I am loving plum lipstick this fall so this will definitely be in my bag throughout the week along with a softer shade like a light pink or nude color lipstick.
Flats – There is no way one could survive fashion week without switching between flats and heels. We all do the quick switch before entering a show or an event.

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