Beauty Sep 10, 2013

Fast. Fall. Hair

Due to the fact that I’m a morning person, I usually allow myself enough time to get ready before heading out the door. That said, I tend to find myself in a rush more often than I’d like. My hair is long and thick, so quickly curling it isn’t an option when I’m pressed for time.

With that in mind, I adopted a few styles that I wear during chaotic mornings or when I feel like hitting snooze. These styles are simple and fast, and pull together a look effortlessly.

1) Milkmaid Braids
I generally sport these when I don’t get a chance to hop in the shower in the morning since it looks better when your hair is a bit messy. To achieve the look, part your hair and make a low ponytail on each side of your head. Braid each ponytail, wrap them across your head like a headband, and secure the ends with bobby pins. I like to do fishtail braids to put a spin on the traditional style.

2) A Knotted Pin-Up
I discovered this one a couple of weeks ago. It works best on dry hair but can be done with wet. Essentially you knot your hair in an actual knot and then clip up the remaining  loose pieces at the nape of your neck to create a low tousled, low pin up.

3) The Sock Bun
Whenever I feel like looking glamorous (without spending a ton of time on it), I throw my hair up in a sock bun. It takes me all of two minutes and completely polishes my look—people never would know that I slept through my alarm! The best thing about this specific style is that you can do it wet or dry, and it still has the same effect. For an extra feminine touch, add a bow! You can secure it in the front or back for an unexpected twist.

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