Fall Sep 25, 2013

Layering for Fall

Dress – Forever21 (similar here) | Scarf – Forever 21 | Bag – HM | Shoes – Jelly Pop | Belt – HM

We are almost into the month of  October and the weather here in the Bay Area is still in the 80?s. As much as I love the summer months, I am ready for the  fall weather. I am slowly starting to transition into fall by layering my outfits. I started by pulling out my scarves that have been buried in a box under my bed. I found this old but timeless scarf  in the boxand it is a perfect transitioning piece from summer to fall.  This accessory is still bright and colorful which represents the warm weather but it will keep me warm if a breeze picks up during the day. I can’t wait to wear my infinity chunky scarfs,  but for right now I am layering with lightweight colorful scarves.  I can add it to a neutral outfit for a pop of color but it also serves as a lightweight sweater when needed. Most of the time it is too hot outside to fully wear it wrapped around my neck.  However, layering scarves with my outfits help to  keep me warm, whether  I am in a chilly office building or I am enjoying coffee or lunch outside in the sun when a little  breeze blows through with  a bite to it.


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