Dessert Sep 26, 2013

Oreo Brownie Recipe

On Wednesday afternoon’s, a baking tornado hits the kitchen like clockwork. Every Thursday evening, my brother has a traditional dinner with his football team and lately, our family has been responsible for making the desserts. Since my grandma hoards cookie butter like it’s going out of stock (well sometimes it actually does which is the reason she stocks up) we decided to make these cookies but we substituted peanut butter with cookie butter to get rid of a few jars in our pantry. This recipe found here is so simple……. SOOOOO SIMPLE. They are the perfect dessert to bring to a classroom party, dinner party, or even just as a treat for your friends at work. People will be wow’d at your creation and be completely surprised at the first bite. The recipe calls for two (double-stuffed) Oreo cookies, layered with Peanut Butter (we substituted it with cookie butter from Trader Joe’s) & individually baked inside of a brownie using a cupcake pan. All of these ingredients combined together is equivalent to one dangerous bite size, scrumptious dessert. As much as I love researching fun new desserts for my mom every week, my butt and belly suffer from the lingering treats throughout the weekend.


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