Outfits Oct 08, 2013

Day to Night with SheInside

I always love to find a good online shopping site that has trendy but  affordable clothing. I discovered SheInside a few months ago and I am obsessed. They have the latest and greatest in fall fashion and it’s super affordable. I have never been a fan of jeans so when I  decided to throw on a pair for dinner most of my family members and friends were  surprised. As much as I would love to gravitate toward a great pair of jeans this fall season there are just  too many other options for cute bottoms. I have always been partial to wearing  skirts mainly because I think that skirts are comfortable, practical and classy. Skirts (at any length) can be a staple item in your closet that can be dressed up as well as down during any season. This skirt from SheInside is pure perfection, especially for the fall and winter months. The Bordeaux color combined with the leather material make for a perfect match. This garment  is tailored but also has a flirty vibe, so it can be worn to work or out on the town for date night. During the daytime,  I would pair it with a plaid shirt to add a pop of color and a little design & pattern to the outfit. However, for evening attire,  I would suggest wearing  this skirt with a white blouse, a statement necklace and a strap-y pair of black heels.



Outfit One: 

Day –

Wine Red Leather Pleated Skirt – $26.48 (buy here)

Navy and White Plaid Print Long-sleeve – $21.50 (buy here)

Booties – $24.49 (buy here)

Black Ostrich Chain Bag – $74.00 (buy here)


Night – 

Wine Red Leather Pleated Skirt – $26.48 (buy here)

White V-Neck Ruffles Chiffon Blouse – $22.13 (buy here)

Black Leather Strap Heels – $100.00 (buy here)

Black Ostrich Chain Bag – $74.00 (buy here)


Since I am not much of a jean person I always try to look for an alternative casual pant that can replace jeans. This dark loose casual pant from SheInside is perfect for the fall and winter months. The dark blue hue somewhat resembles a dark denim. These pants are especially versatile because they can be dressed down with a t-shirt and cute pair of flats for a day full or errands or shopping but can also be dressed up for a date night or special event just by throwing on a fancy blouse.


Outfit Two:

Day – 

Dark Loose Casual Pant – $34.10 (buy here)

Coco Made Me Do It Tee – $21.31 (buy here)

Beige Loose Sleeve Casual Trench Coat – $37.38 (buy here)

Black Bead Multilayer Bracelet – $7.83 (buy here)


Night – 

Dark Loose Casual Pant – $34.10 (buy here)

Purple Batwing Sleeve Chiffon Blouse – $20.32 (buy here)

Beige Loose Sleeve Casual Trench Coat – $37.38 (buy here)

Black Bead Multilayer Bracelet – $7.83 (buy here)

Black Leather Strap Heels – $100.00 (buy here)

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