Fall Oct 14, 2013

Fall Flannel

{ Jean – Forever21 | Flannel – Target | Sweater – Old | Shoes – Zara | Glasses – Coach }

I am excited to report that over the  weekend,  the crisp fall air has finally hit the Bay Area. I am so thrilled to be able to officially pull out my flannels, sweaters, coats and turtlenecks and hang them smack dab in the middle of my closet. Yes… turtlenecks they are my secret obsession even before they hit the runway last February (and became stylish). I have no idea where my turtleneck  obsession  came  from but I can’t help but purchase one when I’m out shopping. I can’t tell you how VERY EXCITED  I am that they are  officially “in” this season. This weekend  I stayed very busy. On Saturday I attended the iFabbo conference in San Francisco and my youngest  sister  hosted a ginormous Pre-Party for her homecoming. So when Sunday rolled around I enjoyed  spending quality time  with my  girlfriends in the afternoon.

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