Outfits Oct 15, 2013

Brussel Sprout Salad

I I remember the first time I tried Brussel Sprouts. I was at a friend’s house for dinner and they were in a bowl sitting on the kitchen table ready to be served. I had never tasted them prior to that moment and quite frankly I didn’t really want to try them. BUT…., I heard that little voice in my head from my Momma…..who always told me to eat everything you are served, especially when you are a guest in someone’s home. So at that very moment, I did the right thing and tried one Brussel Sprout but I wasn’t too fond of it. As years passed, I decided to give them another chance and ordered a side dish at Sideboard Café in Danville, CA and I fell in love with a new vegie. I love Brussel Sprouts now, especially the way this Café prepares them. I have since convinced my entire family to join the craze and I have converted them to be Brussel Sprout enthusiasts too. I make them at home all the time now but a few weeks ago I decided instead of baking them (like I did here) that I would prepare a Brussel Sprout salad using this recipe.

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