Finally Friday Oct 04, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Creative gift a friend brought me during our coffee date last week. Sits on my desk and constantly reminds me of Fall }

Besides the fact that yesterday felt like my clock rotated in a slow motion mode, this week, for the most part, went by extremely fast. I am looking forward to taking a quick trip down to L.A this weekend. It’s always a nice change of pace to get out of town for a few days. This week, I kicked off the month of October by making fall treats that included pumpkin spice, the purchase of a few pumpkins and by bundling up while enjoying a glass wine on the patio on a semi- chilly fall night.

{ My new fall lip colors from Maybelline }

{ Frames waiting to be hung (love my new XOXO poster from Etsy) }

{ Velvet H=hangers were well worth the investment }

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