Beauty Oct 01, 2013

How to: High Ponytail

I recently had a haircut and although I wish I cut it short short, I backed out…., yet again. My hair has always been long but it has never really had much TLC in the style department. So before my appointment, I searched for inspiration on Bangstyle (post here). I decided that if I wasn’t going to go short short I could at least add layers to my long locks. Playing sports as a kid layers were my worst enemy because they would fall out of my ponytail which would force me to use a million bobby pins. Since I am no longer playing sports I decided the shorter the layer the better. I was a bit scared sitting in the chair and seeing her chop away but I am so happy with the outcome. My hair is so much easier to style and actually holds volume better and adds new dimensions to my style. Now I am able to have one of those cute ponytails without having to tease it like crazy or add a ton of product. Here are my simple steps to achieving the fun and flirty pony tail.

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