Beauty Nov 12, 2013

Beauty of Brows

Honestly, I am obsessed with getting my brows done. My sisters used to think that I was crazy but now they understand my obsession so they have recently embraced the “eyebrow trend”   as well. It wasn’t until three years ago when I began to take care of my brows and it definitely  makes a huge difference on the appearance of your face. Two years ago Maybelline sent me an eyebrow pencil… it sat in my drawer for a couple weeks……..until Mia (member her?) and I decided to experiment with the pencil. After taking a step back from the mirror,  my initial reaction was “ WOAHHHH no way…..You can’t pull that off….  Take it off….. take it off.” So  I rubbed it off before we went out for the night, just as I did with the dark colored lipstick,. Now the two of us don’t go out without filling in our brows. As much as the brow pencil really makes a difference it all starts with your esthetician. I am proud to refer & give credit to Stephanie at the Wax Parlor in Walnut Creek because she has drastically, (for the better)  changed the appearance of my  brows  based on the shape my face. Actually, thanks to STEPH my brows have a definite shape now! She is awesome she does almost all my friends and family (including my grandma and my mom). Recently, she convinced me to tint my brows and I wasn’t sure about it at first but tinting your brows allows you to see the lighter hairs which will assist you  when you fill them in yourself. If you are from the Bay Area,  Steph  “the Eyebrow Professional”  should  be your next call before she books up this holiday season. Make your appointment ASAP.

1513 Cypress St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 262-6488



The front of your brow should align with the upper bridge of your noise.



Play around with eyebrow liners here:

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