Outfits Nov 26, 2013

Simple Holiday Travel Style

Jeans – Forever21 | | Trench Coat – SheInside | T-Shirt – Nordstrom | Scarf – Zara | Shoes – Heavenly Couture

The dress code in my family for holidays is always casual and comfortable.  Sometimes we even request that our guests wear PJ attire for holidays especially on  Christmas Day. Traveling from one relatives to another is inevitable during the holiday’s, so  remember to bring your comfy clothes.  Generally, I over-pack and I am the person who packs a suitcase for an overnight trip or a large bag for a weekend get-away. However, recently I learned how to properly pack the right amount so that I am not having to lug around multiple bags for short trips. When I went down to LA in October with just one carry on it felt liberating  AND the best part was once I returned home to  un-pack (the thing I dread most) unpacking was suddenly a piece of cake. Lately, for most overnight or weekend trips I limit myself to one bag. This holiday season it’s easy to add a little holiday flare to a simple travel outfit. One of my favorite simple travel outfits is boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a trench coat. I threw on my new favorite scarf which added a bit of holiday spirit so the overall look was casual yet put together with a pop of color.



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