Outfits Dec 10, 2013

Fur Collar Trench

FUR COLLAR TRENCH DEC 10th 2013/ suggestions

Simplicity during the busiest time of year is always a difficult task to achieve. This time of year I try to keep my outfits simple, versatile and most importantly, comfortable. The past few days I have been suffering from horrible headaches and a queazy stomach which makes getting up and getting ready for the day a daunting task. I would much rather be snuggled up in bed watching my new favorite show, Girls. Unfortunately, I would never be able to pull it off because I would feel terribly guilty as my work is always calling my name. Last week I decided to wear a simple outfit for meetings and coffee in the city. Weirdly, S.F is much warmer than the East Bay so extra layers underneath the trench were not necessary.



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  1. That coat looks amazing on you and I’m seriously loving the fur detailing.

    This time of year can be tough to dress for, but it’s also one of the most fun times of year to put pretty outfits together 🙂

    xoxo Jackie

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