Outfits Jan 06, 2014

A much needed break


HAPPY NEW YEAR….I’m BACK!!! As you may have noticed from my lack of posting, I took a break…… A long break…… A much needed break. December is always a hectic time of year but this year in particular, it was much more chaotic in a different way. Instead of cramming for finals or finalizing last minute shopping details, I was traveling up and down California and not in a private jet but in a car…. a small car. The beginning of my vacation started in L.A and then we ventured to Tahoe where I spent majority of the Christmas Holiday with my family. When we ventured to Tahoe for Christmas, we were all hoping to witness a white Christmas (snow falling on Christmas morning) Unfortunately this year has been super dry so we were content with the snow that we had. Before all the traveling began I decided to take a break from all forms of technology …. well maybe not all because I had my phone and camera and the TV so I guess that just means that I took a break from the computer, which equates to my email messages reaching a record high. I am hoping to catch up and to get back on schedule today. The holiday season and relaxing on vacation are both essential to renew your focus and inspire your creativity. I absolutely love the enthusiasm I feel and the motivation I experience after taking time off. I feel fully refreshed, inspired, rejuvenated and I am ready to return to work. I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. Here are a few snapshots from my holiday season.

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