Outfits Feb 27, 2014


Skort c/o Boohoo.com // Top – ASTR // Bag – HM //  Shoes – Nike Free

Honestly, I can’t believe the weather this winter. Last weekend I laid out. YES – laid in the sun IN my bathing suit WITH tanning oil on! Obviously, the rain finally hit the bay area and I am not complaining because rain always makes for a wonderful cozy weekend catching up on Netflix episodes and eating comfort food without the judgements. During the bright sunny spring like weather, I pulled out my shorts, skirts, and crop tops. Thursday, is generally my most productive day of the week. Who knows why? I guess I just like Thursdays. While running multiple errands on my to-do list I decided to wear my Nike tennis shoes with my Boohoo.com skort for an afternoon filled with hopping in and out of the car. In fourth grade I thought a skort was the coolest thing that hit the fashion market. It allowed you to look cute and stylish in the classroom, but didn’t inhibit your ability to strut your athletic ability on the jungle gym. Sadly, my views toward skorts hasn’t changed much since fourth grade. I still love them for the same simple reason I loved them 13 years ago – they are sporty chic!


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