Recipe Index


Bacon Rumaki
Mozzarella & Tomato (Caprese Salad) *
Bean & Pesto Crostini 
Baked breaded brie w/ cranberries *
Orzo Salad
Chicken Parmesan Sliders 
Gorgonzola & Honey Crostini *
Potato Skins


Caramel Cinnamon Rolls *
Chocolate Chip Pancakes 
Guilt-Free Greek Yogurt Pancakes *
Breakfast Souffle
Strawberry Pop-Tarts
Strawberry Heart Waffles
Breakfast Egg Sliders
Cheddar Jalapeño Scones
English MuffinsHawaiian
Bread French Toast w/ cranberries
Biscuits and Honey
Raspberry Scones

Walnut, Cranberry, Apple Bread
Bread & Pasta Bowl 
Pumpkin Bread  
Homemade Banana Bread

Cookies :

Crinkle Cookies
Snicker Doodles 
Oatmeal Scotchies *
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candy :
Peppermint Bark 
Homemade Twix Bars w/ Sea Salt 

Raspberry Orange Smoothie 
Cucumber Mint Lemonade * (ft. on Foodgawker)
Watermelon Fresca 
Grapefruit Mojito *
Wintergreen Champagne Cocktail
Acai Smoothie

Pork Chops & Applesauce
Stuffed Bell Peppers w/ Orzo Meat & Mushrooms
Chicken Parmesan Sliders 
Shrimp Tacos
Chicken Tortilla Caserole  
Tri Tip + Pepper Kabob 


Ravioli’s w/ Ricotta Cheese Filling
Pasta Bread Bowls
Orzo Salad
Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese

Quinoa Salad

Cream of Mushroom Soup
French Onion Soup *
Chicken Tortilla Soup *

Choclate Carmel covered Pretzels
Golden Berry Trail Mix
Trio Bean Crostini w/ Pesto
Homemade Pizza

Dark Choc. Kiwi Popsicles
Strawberry Shortcake
Rice Krispy Treats
Homemade Twix Bars w/ Sea Salt 
Coffee Ice cream 
Peppermint Hot Chocolate 
Bacon Brownies * 
Watermelon Popsicle  
Key Lime Pie
Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
Mini Chocolate Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Candy Apples
Oreo Bark
Granny Smith Apple Pie

* one of my favorites

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