Style Dec 03, 2010


A couple months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a “Blog” was, but within the past few weeks creating a blog has been the only thing on my mind well…besides homework, school, family, shopping, the gym, and college applications. Okay maybe it hasn’t been the only thing on my mind but it sits at the top of the list. Anyways, as you might be able to tell I live by the four F’s…Food, Fitness, Fashion and Fun. I figured what better way to share my passion for each than through a blog. I’m a newbie to the whole blogging world so be patient with me until I figure out this chaotic mess. Stay tuned for more exciting posts during the Holidays! This weekend I plan on not leaving the house. Since the rain is supposed to pick up throughout the weekend, I stocked up on Christmas movies, baking goods, as well as whipped out my Christmas tree decorations. I cant wait to start decorating my bare christmas tree that is desperately calling for some lights, ornaments, and apple garland. Check in on Monday to catch some pictures of the tree thats smell fills my house with goodness. Enjoy the first weekend of December!

{ Pretty Flowers at the Nursery this Sunday }

{ The Wreath I can’t wait to start decorating }

{ Let the journey begin }

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