Style Jan 21, 2011

Finally Friday

{Lunch Break: Fresh made ice cream sandwich from “Cream” in Berkley for only$1.50}

This week was bliss. I enjoyed my last week of break, mostly outdoors with the exception of staying in to help re-organize my office space for the new semester & helping my boyfriend assemble all the furniture we bought at Ikea yesterday. Im looking forward to this weekend. Since the weather is supposed to be good, I cant wait to spend my last weekend of break… catching up on some sleep, going for afternoon walks, attending sports events and making a visit to the flea market. Here are a few things that made the week that much sweeter.

Have a fabulous weekend!

{ A Squirrel in the backyard chomping on the new feeder }

{ The sunset driving home from the City }

{ An old table I plan to refinish }

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