Style Feb 09, 2011

The Little Things

Sometimes its the little things that make us happy… waking up to flowers or breakfast in bed, or even just a surprise subtle note throughout the day. Who said that all these things can only be done on February 14th? Use the weekend, week, or month to do something nice for someone you care about (surprises are always a plus). Heres a few ideas that you might use….

– Chalk that talks (Sidewalk chalk used to leave notes… maybe by there car, near a place you know they always to go)

– Sweet Tooth (leave a little note that shows how much you care)

– Enter a surprise appointment in their phone that will pop up and make them smile 🙂

– Flowers and Candy … Kill two birds with one stone. (Fill the vase with candy, Jelly Beans, M&M’s, sweethearts, skittles etc. then place real or fake flowers in the vase)


– Be old fashioned & write a note… their is something so exciting about receiving snail mail (not bill related). Take time and write a note to the people you care about most !!

– or get creative and slip a note in his/her wallet so the next time they reach for some cash they have something to smile about !!!

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