Style Feb 17, 2011

Brown Bag Freedom

I remember my first lunchbox … it was a green pochahantas one. It was my best friend in pre-school but when I moved from pre-school to elementary to school  it was time to go lunchbox shopping again (pochahantas wasn’t cool anymore). Lunch time was the best thing about school, you got to show off your cute plastic box, and trade what you didn’t want. But in middle school you were a “dork” if your brought a lunch… buying lunch was the cool thing to do.

Its funny how things change as you grow up, I am now a college student on a hunt for a new lunchbox. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my LONG days at school, and I don’t know about you but I don’t function well without food (ask my boyfriend and family.. I’m a GRUMP) so a lunch break in between classes is extremely necessary to make it through the day. No more brown paper bags !!

#1 is looking pretty awesomme… my sammy wont get smushed + you can throw in an icepack to keep it nice n cold n fresh !! yumm…

{photos via: pinterest & google}

Sorry for not having links (I normally do, but a computer glitch happened and instead of sitting on the computer trying to find the prices and links… i figured I should probably study for my BIG BORING bio test that I have today..

AHHHHH soo much writing sorry it’s a long one ….

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