Outfits Feb 23, 2011

Tahoe Snow

Brother’s  Neff Beanie, Marshall’s Sunglasses, Northface fleece, Sisters Scarf (f21?), Boyfriends snow pants

When you become a college student, you don’t get many days off for school like you did in elementary and middle school. So….when there is a “scheduled” school day off (sometimes I make up my own) you take full advantage of it. I make sure that specific day is filled with fun adventures that have nothing to do with homework, or studying. This presidents day (aka no school day) was used as a nice excuse to travel to the snow !! Even though the temperature dropped below 20 brrr… it sure as heck beat sitting in class for hours on end !! I must admit though, my boarding skills aren’t great (I am getting a lil bit better) but my picturing taking skills are getting much better… check out the “attempted” back flip pictures I captured. Can’t wait for my next school day off …. where to next ??

My Gnomeo

B.A.D. idea

Guyysss check it out …..

We always see the most beautiful sunsets driving home from Tahoe

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