Recipes Feb 24, 2011

Pork Chops’ n Applesauce

I opened the fridge yesterday and found the pork tenderloin cut of meat that my grandma purchased earlier in the week. Most of the time I like to cut up my pork and throw it in my shhalad (kill two birds with one stone kinda thing). But when I shhaw that we had appleshhash it made me want to say porrk chopps n appleeshhash (from an old Brady Bunch episode). So there you have it, we had porrk chopps n appleeshhash for dinner last night… and I used this recipe to marinade the pork-chops, which were delicious.


{ All the ingredients }

{ How cute is the new Tropicana cap? }

{ Marinade }

{ Zip-loc bags are an easy way to marinade anything }





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