Finally Friday Mar 18, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Look what the leprechauns did to my water!!! }

Hellooo, everyone !! Hope everyone had a fun and SAFE St. Patrick’s day. This week was melloo for the most part. I got some nicceee results from my two tests last week, I never thought it would be humanly possible for me, Kailani to get a 101% on a Spanish test (if you only knew how bad I was at Spanish in h.s., the kids that sat next to me could tell you and so could my teacher). I was the kid, when the teacher gave you back a test to immediately shove it in the backpack, and tell everyone that I hadn’t gotten mine back yet, but not anymore I got a 101% babbyy (if they could only see me now) haha.  I also got a sweet little surprise visit from my friends Chloe and Alexandria, we stayed up way too late eating boxes of girls scout cookies (opps). Anywhoo, this weekend it is suppose to POUR or at least that’s what the weather man says (but he’s been known to be wrong before), but  I am hoping that masses of water fall from the sky this weekend… ’cause that means …. fires, coffee, movies, soups, and lots of lounging, which are a few of my FAVORITE things. Please be right Mr. Weatherman. Please be right. Here are some things that made me happy throughout the week.

{ Found these furry slippers from like uhhh 8th grade in my sisters closet (what a surprise). I cant wait to wear these around the house 24/7 during this weekends pour fest !

PRIME, seats at the warriors game….thanks boyfriend for the amazing surprise

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