Style Mar 21, 2011

When it rains it pours …. not only literally but figuratively! If you read friday’s post you would know that we were expecting heavy rain this weekend but you wouldn’t have expected what I am about to tell you. I planned on having a nice relaxing weekend filled with a lot of nothing. NOT the case. So let me give you the low down…

It all started Friday morning, I woke up at 8 am (after being out until 3:30 am thurs.) with a horrible cough and stuffy noise. I was all excited to meet a friend for a morning antigravity yoga session, but she ended up not showing, could have slept in. Might I add that hanging upside down for long periods of time with a congested nose only made me more irritated.

Saturday, I woke up again at 8 am to babysit these little dudes. The thing about babysitting a 1,5,7 year old at 8 am is that they are full of energy and DO NOT care one bit if you just woke up ten  minutes ago. All was good until we got home from our trip to the library, and soon realized in the POURING rain that we were locked out of the house… it was at that moment that I was standing in the pouring rain with a crying baby, two little boys playing in puddles and a horrible head and stomach ache. I then received a phone call from my mom asking how things were? (in a jolly ‘ol voice) my response: NOT. GOOD. followed by a glad I don’t have kids.

Sunday, I am still sick. All I want to do is lie in bed… but noooo, I get dragged to Fry’s, which by the way is 40 mins away from home (so that the boyfriend can ride in the carpool lane to get his new x-box). When we got home I pass out, like a dead fish, nothing was going to wake me up, not even the stupid sounds that Call of Duty makes when you shoot someone (I’m sure he enjoyed the three hours of me not complaining about x-box) probably why he let me sleep . Apparently my sniffles annoyed him, so I got a nose blowing lesson (I hate blowing my nose, and I hate people who blow their nose in class especially).

The weekend ended with frozen yogurt and dark chocolate which in the end made everything better.

Hopefully my week will be much better than my weekend !!



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