Style Mar 10, 2011

Tossed and Found

Please disregard the dorky outfit.. I wasn’t expecting the paparazzi (bf) to be on top of their game that day

A request was made by my friend Chloe to do a post on the W.E.S. … so this ones for you Chlo!

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I ventured out to Oakland and attended the White Elephant sale which only occurs once a year! AND let me tell you it was an adventure…. especially the bart ride there. Even though we didn’t leave quite as early as we planned, (which in the end was fine with both of us) we were still able to score some awesome finds all under a $11 ….TOTAL, granted many of these items are random fun finds. Attending any flea market or vintage sale, makes me oh so veryy excited to have my own place. While shopping, I came across an old vintage trunk for get this ONLY $25, unthinkable right? but my buyers remorse conscious (the bf) talked me out of purchasing my future coffee table, for 2 main reasons, how were we going to get it home? aka he didn’t want to carry it to bart, and where was I going to store it? (basically telling me to just wait). I hope I come across another one thats a steal sometime soon otherwise he’s in the doghouse for sure !!!

Told you …. silly but totally NECESSARY things… hehe

Vase: $3, Vintage Camera Bag: $4, Napkin Holders: $1.50, Placemats 12 for $2

Total: $10.50

Not to Shabby ….


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