Style Mar 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

{ BCBG Dress, Forever21 Earrings, Vintage Pearl Cuff, Target Shoes }

I had a good weekend… did you? Sure hope so. I had the pleasure of being my cousin’s personal everything… makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer you name it I was it including goldfish and water fetcher. As I mentioned in this post, we went shopping for her dress in the city, and while sitting on bart I asked her what she wanted in a dress? Her response: no short, no strapless and iffy on the pink, but guess what we ended up with (check out the pics.) !! hehe When I forced her to just TRY on this gorgeous dress to humor me she gave me the uhh not so sure look but once it was on she was glowing just like she is in these pictures, from the moment the dress was on her nothing compared, it fit like a glove. So it goes to show you be open minded.. you never know what you might find OR what might look good on you !

She’s one hot mama in these pics. such a natural !! Must I add her date is adorable.

OH & you dont have to spend a fortune, her earrings were $3.80 from Forever21 (she actually borrowed them from muahh) and her shoes were $32.99?? from target && the cuff was free it was grandmas !

{ Dontchya just want her pretty green eyes? }

{ Love this picture of Angelyn and my Gramms }

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