Finally Friday Apr 25, 2011

a whole ‘lotta egg

{ Vibrant colored eggs courtesy of my sister and tim (her bf) }

Despite the few little upsets that went on in my family when I got home, my last weekend of Spring break couldn’t have been more relaxing. I spent Friday catching up with some friends from high school… we made a trip to Yogurt Shack (my favorite place) and spent most of the night looking up video’s of spotted UFO’s. Gotta say it’s some creepy stuff.

Saturday I slept in and boy did it feel good, I was so well rested that my sisters and I stayed up until 3 am that night (I don’t normally make it past 9pm) watching the Law & Order SVU marathon, even though we have already seen most episodes… were that obsessed.

Sunday morning I was woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready for church @ 7:30. But, I guess it wasn’t really the crack of dawn and I didn’t really get ready … because I was woken up at 7:25 (which felt like the crack of dawn) and told “get in the car god doesn’t care what you look like” so I did as I was told… and I think I was the only one in the church with uggs and a sweatshirt on during the service. When we got home from church instead of going to my aunts we had a small little brunch at our house. After everyone left… we finally got to search for the countless amounts of eggs the easter bunny left, which can get pretty competitive at my household… especially when there filled with money. Once we finally found ALL of the eggs, we all sat down and watched numerous amounts of movies while switching off painting each others nails.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!! Happy Monday.

{ Upside Down French Toast with fresh strawberries }

{ Homemade carrot bags filled with cheetos }

{ A little basket the easter bunny left }

{ Devil’d Egg’s once again courtesy of Alina }

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