Finally Friday Apr 01, 2011

Finally Friday April 1

{ Breakfast from Tuesday }

I have waited for this day all week !!!! Tomorrow I will be in car on my way down to LA to to get on a BIG boat to set sail to lovely Mexico. I have never been on a cruise before and couldn’t be more excited (thanks for the awesome Christmas gift Grams). Next week I plan to do nothing but have some fun in the sun with some of my favorite people (at times) in the world mi familia .

I have decided to NOT bring my computer or phone (yeehaw) to be able to fully relax.. I mean that is what a vacation is for right?? Thanks to my lovely organized seester, this vacation I will not forget anything (due to my sisters “What to Pack & Don’t Forget” excel spreadsheet)…which I usually tend to do along with my brother, at least I’m not the ONLY one.

This week surprisingly went by fast, all test, quizzes and papers are done so I can now re-focus all my attention towards all you can eat buffets, magazines, fruity drinks and soaking up some serious sun! I can’t wait to share all the pictures I will be taking. For now here are somethings that made the week that much BETTER ! Have a fabulous and sunny weekend everyone 🙂

xoxo Kai

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day !!

Share the pranks you pulled and post them on Kailani’s Korner Facebook Page.

I love a good laugh.. especially on six hour car rides

{ A hike to Rock City }

{ My new fun little blogs cards }

{ My secret ingredients for next weeks recipe post }

{ The newest People Style Watch that I guarantee will be read before we set sail probably even before we pack the car }

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