Style Mar 31, 2011

Oh what a night….

I am usually one of those people who puts of packing until the VERY last minute, which can be very stressful since A) I am not a very organized packer and B) I am not a light packer.. to say the least. As most of you may know by now that THIS Saturday (yes the day has finally come) I am leaving for my trip to Mexico !!! In between studying for tests and writing papers I needed to fit in ….. packing. Here is how it’s going so far (notice that it is work in progress).

SOOOOOOO… Once I finished writing this post (written above), I went to upload ALLL the pictures from today’s packing session (which I KNOW were on my camera before SOMEONE touched it) but hmm.. cough cough boyfriend deleted them ALLLLLL. So you are left with only one lonely picture of my beautiful fun collection of sunglasses which were packed today. Needless to say that he was in BIGGGGGGGGGGGG. BIG. trouble last night.

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