Style Apr 11, 2011

immmm backk

{ Carnival Splendor }

As many of you may have read, last week I ventured to Mexico on this huge ship (pictured above) to be specific the Carnival Splendor. I have never been on a cruise before and because I get motion sickness VERY EASY I was a littttle bit nervous but with the help of Ginger Ale and Dramamine… I got by just fine and loved every minute of it. There were so many fun activities on board and the all your can eat food put me on the SEEfood diet right away… I think I gained about 10 lbs. Although it is great to be home… with that comes reality.. one word, school the second I stepped off the ship and realized I had to start studying for the tests I have to today I wanted to turn back around and hop back on motion sickness and all.  Here are some pictures of our wonderful and relaxing adventure (more to come later this week).

{ My BIG floppy hat that made it impossible to see }

{ Settling in my new not so cozy room for the week }

{ Cabo San Lucas }

Practicing my spanish while bargaining in the markets… my teacher would be so proud

{ Big Creepy Crawlers just hanging around }

Before Mexico the closest I have ever been to a sea lion is Pier 39 in SF, but I can now say that I have pet as well as kissed a sea lion and might I add they’re quite cute

{ About the only Healthy thing I ate all week }

During our adventure to Mexico, my siblings and I swam with these adorable creatures of the sea (stay tuned for more up close pics with these guys)

{ Hendri.. he was our waiter at dinner every night. He was AWESOME }

{ One of the many animals we got before bed every night… isn’t it cute ?? }


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