Finally Friday May 25, 2011

A ‘lil snack

I mentioned in this post last Friday that I would be preparing something with my secret ingredient for this weeks recipe post. These beans (bought at Costco for $9.00) will last me a while. I normally cook them and toss them in with a salad or some pasta, but this weekend I decided to make up my OWN recipe. During our Costco trip we also bought 2 loaves of french bread and some pesto sauce…. soooo I decided to make little crostini’s. They were a nice switch up from brushetta and olive oil/vinegar.

Organic Bean Trio (Costco)
Burtoli’s Pesto
French Bread
Salt & Pepper.

– Cook beans (1 cup bean to 3 cups water)
– Slice French bread to place in oven until lightly toasted
– Once beans are cooked, strain them/pat down water w/ paper towel
РPur̩e the beans mixed with a little pesto sauce, s&p, and lemon juice.
– When finished spread onto toasted french bread
– Top with a little basil



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