Style May 19, 2011

Another Birthday …

{ She’s gotten so big }

WOW. My sister Alina is officially an adult. She turns 18 today. I can’t believe it, I know I mentioned my other sister Tiana’s birthday in this post, but today is Alina’s day! Throughout the years we’ve had our fair share of fights… being so close in age and having bedrooms right next to each other…bitch fights were bound to occur, so yes the words “I hate you”, “get out of my life”, “that makes you look fat”,  “you can’t wear that (even though I wasn’t even thinking about wearing that this week )”, “get out of my room (slam)”,  “your so annoying(ughh)”, & “stop taking my mascara *&^%$”  have all come out of both of our mouths. So although I don’t always like her… she will always be my sister and I will always love her to pieces, no matter how much I despise her at times. I can’t wait to create many more fun memories down in San Diego together next year. Happy Birthday Linabobina !! Your 18. YAYYY.

{ Im 18 !! }

Awww … I bet when my mom see’s this photo she’s thinking if they only got along like this now

{ San Diego State & University of San Diego bound }

{ Feeding the goats at our cabin }


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