Finally Friday May 06, 2011

Finally Friday

{ My beginning of the week phrase: Where do I start? }

This week was absolutely cray-cray. It was a for sure reminder to why I started Kailani’s Korner in the first place. I am sooooooooo sick of memorizing the reproductive system of plants (although interesting), conjugating verbs in spanish and writing paper after paper. I miss making projects, and scrapbooks. I can’t wait for everything to let up a bit and let my creative juices flow… once I have enough time I cant wait to try the fun recipes that I have been collecting for the summer months as well as some awesome DIY projects. Starting next week I have three weeks left until summer, and trust me the countdown has begun. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo !!

(sorry for not posting yesterday as I said ….cray-cray week)

Sum’s up my life right about now…. I’m thinking I shouldn’t have put off #2 a couple weeks ago because then maybe I wouldn’t end up at #5. Heck I should just STOP procrastination completely

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