Style May 10, 2011

Ready. Set. Romper.

Target Romper, Tinley Road Shoes, Michael Kors Watch, Forever21 Earrings/Sunglasses, Clutch Mexico Cruise Ship haha

My apologies for not posting yesterday, the interenet wasn’t working at my house and well to be honest I was too lazy/to busy procrastinating for all the projects and papers due this week….plus I didn’t really wanna deal with one of those customer service agents, you know what I’m talking about (patience level was low). Sooo we can all thank my mommacita for dealing with Mr. AT&T Agent last night on the phone so that I could post today and finish my homework (she’s a life saver). Anywhoo… I am sooo ready for romper season. I know I mentioned in this post that maxi dresses were going to be my go to outfit for summer but I have to admit that my romper collection has grown (esp. w/ 2 sistas) and the simplicity yet comfortability/ flexibility of these little one pieces might just beat out a cute little maxi.

** Excuse the wrinkles … pictures were taken after sitting at a 2 hour lunch !! Whoops. + I don’t carry a portable iron, but I’m thinking of investing in that spray type of wrinkle releaser.

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