Finally Friday May 27, 2011

Finally SUMMER

{ New Makeup Bag + Sunglasses }

Yes it is also Friday … but today marks the first day of Summer for me. I finished all my finals yesterday afternoon! I couldn’t be more excited, I can now shift all my energy into vigorous workouts at the gym as well as trying out some new recipes for summer months. This weekend I plan on doing something fun and relaxing. I have no homework or studying to worry about.. so there is no excuse not to have a GREAT time.  If the weather stays nice I might head into the city with the boyfriend for an early morning jog along Embarcadero/stop at Ferry Building for breakfast (will see how he takes the news). But, if the weather gets reaaaally nice….. I’m talking 80 degree nice… then the girls and I will be out in the backyard in swimsuits with my poolside playlist playing and a magazine in hand. Regardless… this weekend will be amazing. Here are some things that made me happy during a week of stress and “brain-aches”.

{ Slice of Pizza from Blondies }

{ Roses in the backyard that are in full bloom }

{ Quick shopping trip to San Francisco with my sister and grams }

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