Style May 02, 2011

Happy May

Wow… can you believe it is already MAY !? I sure can’t, I dont know about you but May is probably the craziest time of year for me. It’s also bittersweet….. May means that school is ending and summer is approaching (yay) but it also means a month full of projects, papers, and finals (boo). The next couple of weeks will be chaotic so I enjoyed my last weekend of free time (until summer) celebrating the Royal Wedding with my biggest flower head-band, spending more time with the birthday girl and her friends and taking a quick trip to Monterey. Sadly, it’s Monday and studying and projects await, and the only thing going to keep my going this week is looking forward to all the gorgeous dresses at my sister Alina’s senior ball  pre-party (at our house) this saturday.

{ A little wine to celebrate the Royal Wedding }

{ Piatti’s for Dinner }

{ Birthday girl and her friends }

{ Monterey more pics to come later this week }

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