Style Jun 20, 2011

Buddies and Board Games

For most people you grow up in the same town and attend high-school, middle school and sometimes even elementary school with your friends. As your senior year comes to and end, you prepare yourself to move on from your small town and with that comes leaving the people you love most (friends and family). As you start to dwell about moving on and leaving these loved ones you remember you will see all these people during breaks and summer vacation.

BUT noooo one prepares you for when that time comes (for me now summer before Jr. year in college) when your friends decide to stay in their new locations wether it be LA, New York or Florida and not return home for the whole summer. I guess there comes a time when everyone moves on to bigger and better things than the small town you once created memories in. Going to the movies, walking downtown or having dinner at the same restaurants just isn’t as appealing as it was in high-school. This week majority of my freinds were home but come today everyone will be off doing their own thing,  which is why I decided to rummage through my game closet and pull out some of our favorites. Last thursday we got together ate hamburgers, drank wine and played our new favorite game…. Cranium! No matter how far away we all may be from each other we will always be friends !

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