Style Jul 21, 2011

5 more minutes…

H&M Blouse, Forever21 Pants, MIA Shoes, MiuMiu Bag, Forever21 Glasses, Micahel Kors Watch

Do you ever get rushed by your family or boyfriend? Run out of time getting ready? When you ask does this look okay? You are told the first five outfits looked great will you please just get in the car? Welpp alll those things come out of my boyfriend and my families mouth. Yes they’re all guilty. I am always the last one in the car to go to church on Sunday’s and the last one ready for any event. The other day I was given about a .03 second notice that we were going to happy hour and we had to make it there in ten minutes, so in a flash I threw on my new bright blouse that I am obsessed with to avoid getting yelled at. This time I didn’t look twice in the mirror… maybe I should have? I might have noticed how wrinkly my shirt was. Embarrassing? Of course. I guess thats why you can’t always trust a guys opinion and the number one reason you should always carry Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser in your car. Ooopss lesson learned.

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