Style Jul 06, 2011

Today is a good day

For six months my mom had four teenagers (13,15,18,19… lord help her and my grandma) but today is the day that she no longer has four teenagers. I can’t believe that I now have 20 years under my belt, seems kind of weird … a lot has happened in those years but my family and friends have been there through all the up’s and down’s and I couldn’t be more thankful. I thought I would share some good, bad, weird, and fun facts about me today! Enjoy.

  1. I absolute hate Mayonnaise
  2. I love to take showers
  3. Breakfast is my all time favorite meal, I could eat it morning noon and night, especially if it’s topped with an excessive amt. of syrup
  4. I am the oldest child in my family, I have two sisters and one brother
  5. You do not want to be any where near me when I’m STARVING (it gets ugly … reallll fast)
  6. At my house you will either find me in the kitchen or out by the fire pit in the backyard
  7. Sometimes I live at the gym
  8. Frozen yogurt with dark choc. chips is my favorite
  9. When I lock my car I have to hear it beep twice, otherwise I go crazy
  10. I hate reading and writing
  11. Hand me bread with olive oil and vinegar… game over
  12. If I forget my pencil pouch in class I can’t focus
  13. I hate wearing makeup … unless there is some sort of event
  14. My mom and grandma are my best friends
  15. Sunflowers, Tulips, Peonies, and Dahlia’s make my day
  16. Up until the age of 8 my sisters and I wore matching outfits everywhere, even the same hair do.
  17. When I was younger I used to think that you had to be 21 in order to enter Forever21
  18. I drive an old beat up station-wagon
  19. I keep a deck of cards in my purse at all times
  20. Texting annoys me …. I would rather talk on the phone or email
  21. My collection of hats is outrageous
  22. I love camping
  23. I have “tried” to play almost every instrument… just not musically inclined I guess
  24. Slightly burnt cheez-its/goldfish and wheat thins = perfection
  25. Motion sickness gets the best of me
  26. I hate flakey people
  27. I dont have a favorite season
  28. If you were to meet me you would probably find me wearing a t-shirt, pair of lululemon leggings and some tennis shoes
  29. I go through phases of growing my hair out and then chopping it all off
  30. I love crystal light
  31. During Spring I love to roller skate
  32. I get dark very fast but my attention span for laying in the sun is .02 seconds I get bored very easily
  33. I used to hate my name in school … because no teacher could pronounce it
  34. I live by the quote my grandpa once told me “wishing will not bring success but planning persistence and a burning desire will”
  35. Sports have a special place in my heart

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