Style Sep 07, 2011

Rice Krispy Treats

One of my favorite treats are Rice Krispy treats. There is something about the simplicity of marshmallows and cereal that is so satisfying! As a child they were so easy to make all you had to do is follow the instructions on the box… but as I got older I stopped measuring out each cup of mallow/krispies and just started “eye-ballin it” and with the edition of my secret ingredients they started to taste better each time! Give them a try this week, they will take 5 minutes to make and will leave you wanting to make more.

**Kailani’s Kitchen Tip:

  • Microwave butter and mallows for 2-3 minutes
  • Spray pam on spoon (this avoids a sticky stirring spoon)
  • Add a teaspoon of vanilla
  • Pour in krispy’s to the consistency you like (less krispy’s if you like them extra mollow-ey and vice versa)
  • Add a hand full or two of frosted flakes

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