Finally Friday Oct 21, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Candy Corns that sit on my desk (seen here) }

This week was far from exciting. I have yet to have a melt down since I have been down in San Diego I was able to hold back the tears for two months and I would say that is pretty good. But, for some reason this week they were hard to hold back everyone and everything either annoyed me or made me cry. I know that school is important and is something we all have to attend but sometimes I seriously question why we are required to take certain classes? Statistics might be the end of me. No matter what I do or how much help I get I just don’t seem to get it (frustrating). School has exhausted me this week and the worst part about it is that even though it is Friday this weekend will be dedicated to studying as opposed to sitting by the beach relaxing. The moment I catch a break (a true break) will be so rewarding! I apologize for no post yesterday but on top of everything else going on right now I just couldn’t pull together a post, but next week there will be food and lots of fashion! Do something fun for me this weekend : )

Here are a few festive items around the house that remind me what month it is!

{ Pumpkins and cob webs that are piled underneath our mantel (seen here) }

{ Cauldron & Skulls that replaced our coffee table center-piece }


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  1. Literally Stats is death. Don’t give up!! It gets easier. Keep doing extra practice problems. I miss you in Spanish. xoxox