Style Oct 04, 2011

It’s her birthday !!!

{ Our trip to europe in 2009 }

Today is my grandma’s birthday … I think she’s something like 45 (jk)? My grandma, like my mom is my best friend. She is the person I call almost 15 times a day just to say hi or ask her if I can use yogurt instead of mayo when making a salad dressing. I feel extremely lucky to have such an amazing relationship with her…she is always there for me, I can always count on words of wisdom or an honest opinion when talking to her. She helps put life in perspective for me, in a fast past world she reminds me to slow down and remember the things that are most important. I constantly learn something new from her everyday. When I am “45” I want to be just like my grandma, she is active, fun, young, hip and a the best grandma one could ask for.

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